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Pinnacle Studio 16 Has a New Version: Get it Now!.Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Video-Editing Software? 


Pinnacle Studio 16 Has a New Version: Get it Now!.

  I can't seem to find any modern capture hardware that isn't from Pinnacle that this recognizes, so I can't use the capture cards I want to use. I've been after a proper pinnacle 16 studio ultimate free screen for ages, now I've got one. Even so, once I registered the product, I was страница into the Pinacle fold and offered the full Help service. The trial is intended for first time users of Pinnacle Studio ссылка is designed to deliver a feel for the product before purchase. An earlier similarly structured 1.    


Pinnacle 16 studio ultimate free


OBS Studio Studio on your Windows PC Awave Studio Conclusion Awave Studio Step The aforementioned QR-Code Studio works flawlessly Camtasia Studio - Shareware Camtasia Studio Camtasia offers Camtasia Studio puts MP3 Converter 1. Windows Mac. Pinnacle Creative Pack. Pinnacle Game Profiler. Neat Video Pro plug-in for Pinnacle Studio. Pinnacle TVCenter Pro. Neat Video plug-in for Pinnacle Studio. Pinnacle Premium Packs. As usual, the resources and assets provided transitions, titles, disc menus, effects, music generation, etc.

The new workflow is easy to follow and makes sense. This application could easily become one of my favorite NLE video editing applications! Cons: 1. As with Pinnacle and all of Pinnacle's competitors, with the introduction of HD video x pixel frames, resolution, etc. Pinnacle products, as well as Adobe, etc.

I eventually purchased Sony Vegas Pro, which had NO problems dealing with HD video on my system, unlike most all of the competing products. Makes sense I guess It appears that when installing P16U on a hard drive already burdened with dozens I would experience crashes during implementation of most functions incurred during the editing process. Once a video had been edited, the problems in spades came about when attempting to EXPORT to a file, to a disc, or any other media format.

Simply could not do it. Everything worked just fine Conclusion: I built in a system on my office PC that allows me to swap out my C: drive with another C: drive that I use when running video applications. There are NO other applications installed on this drive to interfere with video productions. I installed P16U on this drive as a follow-up, and found that all editing modules worked When attempting to export to either a disc or a file an HD production, this system would crash.

Still waiting to hear back from Corel support regarding a solution to this problem. Looks like I'm going to have to finally upgrade my hardware. I would assume therefore that if you were to install and run P16U on a system having adequate hardware that this application will function quite well for you. Any NLE application attempting to run HD video will obviously need to have adequate hardware resources to function properly.

These HD applications do not run well on your grandfather's computer! Was happy with my old PROS: Was able to do some things faster than in older version, even without much practice using newer version. CONS: Editing screens and layout on the small side.

Box size is misleading. It has one disk and the rest of the space is a folded up green screen thanks. Pinnacle still has problems when transitions are added between scenes. Gave it 4 stars because user manual is difficult to follow. Hate it when the manual refers you to another page. A lot easier to "flip through" if it was a hard copy instead of electronic. I have used Pinnacle software in the past and really liked it.

First my old camcorder bit the dust so I had to purchase a new one. Then the files from the new one were so large that the software and my laptop's graphics card simply could not keep up. So I spent several weeks researching new video editing software, even downloading several trial versions and checking them out.

I ended up returning to Pinnacle, but I made a big mistake by initially purchasing the scaled down basic version of this software. I have outlined the problems I encountered with it in a separate review under that product. I finally had to admit that I had made a mistake in going cheap on the initial purchase. The basic software simply would not do, so I bit the bullet and purchased the Ultimate version through Amazon.

Let me begin by saying that this version of Pinnacle Studio is superb. The manual and DVD tutorials are helpful, but there are so many bells and whistles it takes time to get up to speed, even if you are used to the Pinnacle interface. My main complaint is with their technical support -- if you can even call it that. Having already installed the basic version on my new desktop, I uninstalled it using the uninstall option under the Pinnacle software. Rebooted and tried to install the Ultimate version.

Much to my chagrin it reinstalled the basic version! Tried it again, this time going into Windows Explorer and deleting any folders and files with Pinnacle in the name. Then it said it was missing critical files for the installer and I would need to reinstall the installer.

Tried that, but the installer on the installation disc for the Ultimate version said that an "updated" installer was already loaded and the installer that came with the Ultimate version would not be installed.

Then I was able to successfully install the Ultimate version. Turns out my copy of the Ultimate version, even though purchased 5 months after the basic version, had an older "installer" software attached to it. At any rate, after updating the free on-line patch, the software works perfectly. I intentionally did not mention their technical support in the scenario above, because they were absolutely no help whatsoever.

First, you have to "register" the product on-line, even though it would not install. You get a "customer care" number. You have to set up a user name and they give you a password. Then they e-mail you a "support code" required to take advantage of your ONE free technical support question.

I submitted the problem via e-mail and was assigned a case number. An automated replay issued me a PIN number. Several hours later I received an e-mail instructing me to follow a certain set of steps. Unfortunately, the folders referenced in the e-mail did not exist, and the steps did not solve the problem.

But they did not tell me what to do if it did not work. I went to the website and clicked on "check the status" of my submitted question. It had to send me a link via e-mail with a new password, but when I checked, there were no comments from technical support and still aren't two weeks later.

I replied to the original e-mail from support and two days later got a reply. By that time, I had figured out how to do it myself. Some support. And from here on out I have to PAY for it! Hopefully you will purchase the Ultimate version, install it without a problem, and enjoy using this fabulous software. Be forewarned, however, that if you have to contact their technical support, you would do better consulting a medium!

I have used earlier versions and while I have not found any of them to be intuitive, this is clearly the most difficult to use of all I have had.

The one I originally got from Amazon had a problem it was the seller not Amazon's fault and Amazon made it right , but I did not install that one. I purchased another copy locally and installed. I found a "bug" that causes the program to quit responding if you do not check the "eject when finished" button when burning a DVD from an image.

I reported it, and Corel opened a problem report, sent me an email with some things to try, then rapidly sent a couple of "did this fix it? I was away on travel, so when I returned and saw the "we are closing this if we don't hear from you" email, I responded, only to find that the email address they sent the notice to had been removed from their system.

Their "warranty" will only allow for one free support, so- I used up my warranty in attempting to notify them of a bug. They are extremely difficult to contact, and you can buy a new product for about the same as they charge for tech support. I will probably never buy another Corel product. Just like everyone says -- there is NO customer service support and the program doesn't work so hot. Well, I can't get any of the projects on the iPad to export -- the iPad app crashes every time I try, no matter which method I try -- which means I can't get anything on the desktop to use.

You can't export from the desktop to the iPad, either When I contacted customer service with my day one-free-question window they gave me nonanswers and circular talk. Horrible company experience. FWIW, the iMovie iPad app is even cheaper and pretty easy to use if you use primarily Apple products to take videos -- my problem was that I couldn't figure out how to get my Samsung phone videos and my Canon camera videos on there.

At least there was no problem like that with the Pinnacle app. Purchased this product even after reading all the negative reviews on the internet because I had an okay experience with Pinnacle Out of the box I installed the program only to find it would not stop loading when activated and would then stop responding.

My computer has a high end video card, 8 Gigs of memory and a duel core processor, however when this program is activated, the CPU max's out and nothing works. As the program access to registration didn't work, I registered online as this is the only way to get your 14 days of customer service. The only way to contact the support team is via email which they are very slow to respond to.

When they responded, they gave many links for "fixes" most of which were no longer active and the ones I did load removed all data so a reinstall of the original non-working program had to be done again.

After sending them screen shots of what looked to be Russian language on a pop-up, I asked support if this could be black market. They responded that they don't sell to Amazon and I should purchase the program from their website. They also then stated the case was closed and my 14 day warranty was almost expired. It is Garbage with a capital "G!!! I owned an earlier version of this product and was very happy with it so I thought I would purchase a newer version that was 64bit.

After several installation attempts with not one but 2 patches one being aprox mgs ; I felt I had done my diligence and I wanted to talk to someone at tech support. So, with this really unfriendly and unprofessional way of handling their customers I am returning this software and I will not purchase any other software from them in the future as long as the current system is in place. Recap: can not contact tech support by phone, can not contact tech support by live chat, can only contact tech support by email.

By far the most unprofessional way of handling customer service in this day and age. Why did they take a good thing and ruin it! I've used Pinnacle Studio since v7 and this is the first version I wish I could return. I've had various issues with HD videos. I can't seem to find any modern capture hardware that isn't from Pinnacle that this recognizes, so I can't use the capture cards I want to use. The whole "Import" and "Export" concept is not intuitive, in part because you're not really importing or exporting anything.

I find the libraries are absolutely terrible to work with, I can't find anything easily.

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